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Friends of Craftybegonia is really not about me, but about YOU! It is all about your love of crochet, Amigurumi and fun! Yet, since you probably are a little bit curious about Craftybegonia, I’ve decided to share a little bit about this site and my little critters.
I am an artist by training, yet, I worked as a translator for a publishing house up to a few years ago. I’m a crocheter by choice of the heart. I do combine both my training and my craft to create special things for you!
The most important thing in life are the people in your life. The people you love, the people you carry in your heart. Nothing is too special for them! Each experience you share with them is another chance to create a memory for a lifetime.
crocheted amigurumi toys

Those are the kinds of people we crochet together for! One of the secrets of true happiness is making others happy. Enjoying your craft by enriching other lives, by bringing joy to those around you, especially, those you love, is something truly special. We share that when we crochet together.
It is wonderful to bring joy through a beautiful thing you make with your heart and with your hands.
I'm here to help you do just that, with imagination, with warmth, with originality and fun. That is what Craftybegonia is all about. Funmigurumi are nothing but a celebration of the wonder, the fun, and the joy of childhood, at any age! That is what I share with you here, with every pattern.
When I was a child, I used to make my father laugh, because I would prefer a rag doll to any other kind of doll, no matter how pretty it was. I did not know it at the time, but I was giving value to something made with someone's hands and heart. 
All y life I had respect for what was made, uniquely, by someone's talent and hands. It is quite fitting that I have become a handmade artist myself!
Due to circumstances in my life, including work, I have moved a lot. In the end, it was a blessing in disguise, because I have met a lot of people, been to interesting places, learned many things, and I bring all of that into my work. I love gardening, reading and baking. I love people, I love animals, I love children and I love fun. I think it shows, doesn’t it?

Some years ago, my mom and I decided to team up and use our talents to support some charity organizations we believed in.
First, we supported Warm Up America.
Then we found out about Warming Families and started contributing regularly. It was something we could share together and it was wonderful to work as a mother-daughter team! (We are great friends and enjoy doing things together.)
When I found out about Relief Nursery (a wonderful place that helps abused children), I wanted to donate crocheted toys, so I plunged into the world of Amigurumi.
Want to know how it went? I flopped! My first pattern was so bad that I unraveled it and made into something else!

I concluded that I was not cut out for crocheted toy-making! That was NOT my talent.
I forgot about it for some time, but I really believe God wanted me to comfort those little ones. So He kept bringing me back to the thing of the toys, yet I was convinced that I just couldn't crochet Amigurumi.
That I did not have the talent for them! 
Time passed, but one day, I picked up the hook and decided to give Amigurumi a try, but this time, I made them my own way, following my own inspiration and guess what?
The toy just came alive as I went! It was totally amazing! I haven't stopped making them since and I have never repeated a toy, not once. I always get inspiration for something new.

The first things I designed were bears with flowers at the top of their heads for "hair," since they were not classic Amigurumi, I decided to call them something else. So I called them Flowerumi bears.
Then came the rest of the funny little creatures. Again, since I followed my own design and my own style and not the classic Amigurumi style, I did not know how to call the,
That problem was easily resolved. Every time I showed one of those animals to someone, the first reaction was laughter, then they could just exclaim: "That's so cute!"
That reaction made me call them Funmigurumi.
Every year, I send some boxes bursting with toys to bring joy to orphans and children who have been abused.
Funmigurumi make them happy, that brings me joy as well.
Now you know how Funmigurumi were born!

Aside from the ones I mentioned, I support a whole lot of charities. A portion o each item that I sell goes to them and the prototypes of all my toys go to orphans and hurting children.
When you make a purchase from my store, you're helping them too!

Crochet is really what you make of it. Not all Amigurumi are made equal. Craftybegonia is here to teach you new ways to make Amigurumi that are fun and full of imagination. To support you in your efforts to grow your craft. To inspire you. To encourage you to move forward. To motivate you!
You love what you do, so do I. Let's work together to make it truly special. Let's make it what it really is, a journey of the heart, a labor of love, artistry with your hands!

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