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Polka Dots Flowerumi Bear

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Polka Dots is just cuteness itself! Not only does she have the lovable "flowery" hairdo characteristic of Flowerumi bears, but she has these precious polka dots all over her body and face that make her unusual and irresistibly cute. The precious shades of color that form her also contribute to make her special look.
A treat for any Amigurumi lover of any age!

Note: For the first time, I am offering limited license permission (you must obtain it in writing from me after the purchase of the pattern) to use this pattern to make items for sale. The pattern is copyrighted and it belongs to me, it cannot be sold anywhere, but I will issue limited license permission to sell items made FROM the pattern in places like Etsy. You must contact me personally if interested, at the time of purchasing the pattern.

Polka Dots is $3.00
It will delivered to you by email. Please include an email address that will not bounce back my delivery of your pattern. Allow 24 hours for manual delivery of your electronic goods.
If you would like to receive a permission to use the pattern for commercial purposes, please state your desire immediately so that I can send the right materials to you.

Size- About 10-1/2” tall by 9” wide
Skill- Moderately Easy
Price- $3.00 US

Available ONLY Monday thru Thursday, weekly. Pattern is delivered in PDF format by email. Please allow 24 hours for delivery of your electronic goods. Please furnish an email address that will not bounce back your delivery. Thank you!

If you would like to purchase the pattern to make Polka Dots, please click the button below:

Thank you for your support, you make it possible for Craftybegonia to continue offering you quality freebies in my other blogs!
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