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Yarnie the Moochie Kanoochie Bear

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Yarnie the Moochie Kanoochie Bear pattern

The Funmigurumi woodland is buzzing again! It seems that lightning keeps striking at the home of the  Honeybear clan. First it was Curly, and now it is Yarnie. Why, this one is even brighter than the other one! Bears for miles around cannot believe what this family is eating to produce such cute and colorful girls! The other Mamma bears are afraid that when their little girls come of age to marry, all the available batchelors will be chasing Honeybear girls and not their own! "It's those colorful veggies they've been getting from the campers!" Some have said, others insist that it's something in the water in the creek that runs by their house, and, would you believe it? Some have even been seen taken bucketfuls of water out of there! Whatever it is, these girls are lots of fun. Yarnie has now joined Curly in offering someone you love lots of joy! She's ready for fun, ready for hugs!

yarnie the funmigurumi moochie kanoochie bear pattern

Skill- Intermediate (she’s easy to make but a beginner needs to know how to work in rounds without getting lost to be able to make her.)
Size-17” L x 9” W.
►Price-$3.50 USD (This shop has some of the best prices of cute Amigurumi for you!)

PDF Pattern delivered by email. Please furnish an email address that will not block delivery of your electronic goods! Allow 24 hours for manual delivery of your pattern.  NOTE: If you choose to pay for your pattern with an e-check from PayPal, it will take 3 to 5 days to process the check and I cannot mail your goods until PayPal notifies me that the process has been completed. Thank you!

yarnie the moochie kanoochie crochet bear pattern

Items made from this pattern can be sold by permission from the designer, but selling the pattern itself is forbidden by Copyright.

If you would like to purchase this pattern, please click on the link below:

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yarnie the funmigurumi moochie kanoochie crocheted bear pattern

Remember this store is only open from Monday through Thursday, weekly. Take that into consideration so that you'll suffer no disappointments!
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