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Emily MacDucklas

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Emily is a lovable little lady who's eager to make friends, to love and to be loved! Do you know someone who would love to be friends with her? With her expressive eyes, her cute dress and bows, she's a dainty little lady that's also full of fun!
►Size- 20 1/2" T x 8" W
►Skill- Intermediate to Advanced
►Price- $4.00 USD
►PDF Pattern
►Please allow 24 hours for manual email delivery of your electronic goods.
►Furnish an email address that will not bounce back delivery of your pattern!

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►This is a Review From a Satisfied Customer:
Here's what a I think about my recent purchase:

I recently ordered the pattern for Emily MacDuclas, and I am just delighted. The ordering process was quick and easy, and the price is very reasonable. Like all of my other Crafty Begonia patterns, this one has very clear, easy to follow instructions. And I giggled non-stop when I saw Emily's sassy little tail. Cant't wait to get started making her.

The whole world loves a teddy bear.  

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