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The Frogs Of The Chocolate Ponds

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Introduce your kids to a bunch of super cute, industrious frogs who manage to have a flourishing industry and then suffered a terrible robbery! 

The way they handled it will teach the kids that crime doesn't pay and also how wonderful forgiveness and restoration are!

All the while, they will be engaged in a lot of fun activities throughout the book, intermingled with the story.

They will spend hours immersed in a world of chocolate and frogs, love and kindness, puzzles, coloring pages, and fun.

A unique feature of this book is that, at the end of the book, links are furnished free of charge for the crochet patterns to reproduce some of the characters of the book, so that, if you crochet, or can have someone do it for you, your kids will not only have the book to enjoy but some of the characters to play with. A terrific combination! An unforgettable gift for any child, especially for the one you love!

Not every day can you get a book for the kids and have access to some of the characters in it! It is a win-win proposition!

Don't miss the opportunity of giving something so wonderful to your kids to enjoy!

Here's some of what is being said about this book on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Playful and entertaining.

Chocolate chips floating in a chocolate pond?! Now that’s my kind of place. 

What a cute little book. Who doesn’t love frogs either? Great moral story for 

my grandkids that crime does not pay! While the story is captivating for any child, 

the interactive activity pages and coloring pages are the true gem of this book. 

I know that my grandkids are going to love it.

Recommended Ages: 5 to 8 years
(Yet, 3 and 9-year-olds have enjoyed the book, it all depends on the child)

There are two versions of the book, choose the one that you prefer: 


The Frogs Of The Chocolate Ponds Paperback Version

Kindle eBook:

Kindle Version (FREE ON Kindle Unlimited)

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