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Sunny-Loo Flowerumi Bear

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crochet amigurumi bear pattern
There is nothing sweeter than a little bear! This one, like her sister Sunny, which I made in my batch of exclusive bears, is a lump of sugar and sunshine! Her cute hairdo composed of curly bangs and colorful blooms and her gentle eyes and funny nose make her a love-at-first-site flowerumi. Irresistible to any bear lover of any age!
Easy as can be pattern! Whether you are new to Amigurumi or an expert toy maker, this one will be a treat to make! I would like to make more complex patterns, but had to start with a simple one to include all possible levels of expertise.

I'm not selling the actual bear but a PDF pattern to make it.
  • Skill- Easy 
  • Size- 10" long x 8" wide  
  • Price- $3.00 USD
Pattern is in a PDF format, it will delivered to you via email.
Please enclose a deliverable address without filters that will bounce back delivery of your electronic goods. Please allow 24 hours for manual delivery of your pattern.  

This pattern will be available from Mon through Thurs. weekly. To purchase, please click on the link below. Thank you! NOTE that if you choose to pay for your pattern using a PayPal e-check, it takes 3 to 5 days for me to receive the actual payment due to PayPal's processing timing, and I cannot mail you the goods until the process has been completed. Thank you!

Thank you for your patronage! It allows me to offer you great freebies on my other blogs!

All patterns on this blog are Copyrighted.

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