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Sue Sue the Funmigurumi Zebra

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When Mama and Papa Zebra were expecting, they were told by Dr. Elephant that a boy was coming, but when they saw Sue Sue, they had to rush to get some Pink into her baby wardrobe in a hurry. A cute girly Zebra she is, with an exuberant mane and just ready for love and fun!

Size- 18 1/2" L x 8" W

Skill- Intermediate to Advanced

Price- $4.00 USD

PDF Pattern 
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If you would like to purchase the pattern to make your own Sue Sue, please, click on the link below. Thank you!

Allow 24 hours for manual delivery of your electronic goods. Furnish an email address that will not bounce back your delivery. This pattern is delivered by email. Available only from Monday thru Thursday weekly.

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Benton the Doxie Dude

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Super cute Amigurumi Dachshund dog with a sporty personality

All the Doxie Dudettes are already swooning over Benton. Rumors were flying about him before he showed up in town. Sight unseen, Doxie Dudettes were already excited about all the Doxie handsomeness that we had up our sleeves, and they have not been disappointed! Do you love wiener dogs? Join the fun and make one with us!

Yes, this cool dude is wearing sneakers that are bigger than his feet, his #1 dude number is also exaggerated for ridiculous cuteness, same also with his colorful jersey! Don't let his Dachshund debonair ways fool you, he's totally ready for some serious playing!

laid back and funny little Amigurumi Dachshund

Size- 21" L x 9" W
►Skill- Intermediate to Advanced
►Price- 4.00 USD
►PDF Pattern
►Pattern is delivered to you by email. Allow 24 hours for processing of your digital purchase.

►If you love Benton, and would like to crochet this lovable dude, you can purchase the pattern by clicking on the Paypal button. Thank you!

Thank you so much! Your support of this store allows me to also offer you great freebies on my other blogs.
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Come along with me on a wonderful journey!

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What was the worst job you ever had? Mine was working for a wig company, hooking synthetic hair onto wigs. It was bad only because I was so terribly clumsy at it! (I did not even finish my first wig before I simply quit!)
Now, I love to make toys and dolls and hooking yarn "hair" onto their heads is not such a terrible thing anymore. What a difference time and experience makes! Never give up trying to improve your skills,
even if at the beginning it seems hard for you, it will become easier and easier as you move forward! During 2014, we will have adventures in toy crocheting, join me in the journey, it will be fun!

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Ernie MacDucklinson

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fun crochet amigurumi gentleman duck

Emily's sweetheart has arrived! He is a REAL sweetheart! Ernie is an old-fashioned duck, who likes to dress properly (in his opinion) to visit his little lady, so he wears his bow tie and even his cufflinks! Emily loves Ernie but doesn't like the way he dresses, but she's going to fix that the minute she marries him (sounds familiar? At least, that's the plan), meantime, she loves everything about this duck who shows up with roses and makes her feel really special!

crochet funmigurumi duck toy

►Size- 20 1/2" T x 8" W
►Skill- Intermediate to Advanced
►Price- $4.00 USD
►PDF Pattern
►Please allow 24 hours for manual email delivery of your electronic goods.
►Furnish an email address that will not bounce back delivery of your pattern!

If you would like to complete the pair by purchasing this pattern, please click on the Paypal button. Thank you!

If you are interested in making the pair, here is where you will find Emily, Ernie's true love:

  cute crochet amigurumi duck dolly

Emily MacDucklas

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Craftybegonia's Funmigurumi Love List

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The CAL paused a little bit  but we are back with a bucketful of yarn fun ready to make Bugglegum the Funny Girly Girl Poodle.  Enjoy!

Here's Cowlina Moolove, the only one of the Moolove clan who has decided to wear clothes! She's a lovable cow with her own personality. And she would be equally at home in the arms of a child as in the corner of a kitchen or eating area that has been decorated in a country style.

Our current CAL is Sugar the Funmigurumi Shrew, the Mozzarella-crazy little girl who has stolen Crunchy's heart (so long as he has cheese in his pocket, he's got her full attention!) Happy crocheting!

This is our last CAL: Crunchy the Shrew. I have seen many crochet Amigurumi critters but I have never seen a Shrew, which is a wild rodent, similar to a mouse but with a longer snout, smaller ears and small eyes. We are making Crunchy now.

We are having a LOT of fun at our CAL, these are other patterns we made: Oinky Boinky Baby Puffy Piggy

And Crackers the Parrot

This is another CAL pattern: Donner the Piggy (Dahlia's Brother)

This was another CAL: Dahlia the Piggy

This is Lila the Funmigurumi Hippo

make precious amigurumi toys in our free crochet along

If you want to make her, hurry and join the LIST. This week is the last change you have to make her, once the pattern is past, it is gone and it won't be repeated!

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this is Addy, the Funmigurumi Monkey

This is Chubbs, a funny little crochet Plushie!

At Craftybegonia, we're all about imagination and creativity. Plushies and Softies are all the rage, and they are making their way across into crocheted toy-making, so here's one to get you started! This is a super cute and easy toy, you can make lots of them in a hurry if you needed to for gifts or for a children's charity. I love to teach, so I included two new things for you to learn in this pattern: 1. A new style of shoes, which you can also use for other toys. 2. The technique of adding a Face block to a toy. If you're not on the CAL, sign up and join the fun, the learning and the adventure!

This is Little Dumpling

This is Moni the Elephant

I know that some of you are looking for patterns for Holiday gift-giving to little ones of your heart, others of you also want to use them for end-of-the-year children's charities, some of you hope to make some extra cash selling the items made from these patterns, (I don't mind, so long as the patterns themselves are not sold,) some are expecting a baby or are about to have the joy of welcoming a new grandchild, others have a close friend expecting and would like to join the fun of helping to decorate the nursery, for those reasons, I take your needs very seriously and try my best to furnish you with precious, fun, colorful, lovable critters that children of all ages will want. That is what Funmigurumi are all about! If you follow my blog and make the patterns there, if you purchase my patterns at the FriendsofCraftybegonia store, and if your join the CAL, you will also be learning many tricks along the way on how to make these huggable and cute little creatures. Stick with me for a wonderful ride!

Please make a note of this, the Funmigurumi Love List CAL is moving to better serve its members!

This is Lollie the Bear. We are going into cuteness overload!

If you have not joined our CAL, join in a hurry, because once a CAL pattern is done, it is gone, and will not be repeated! Join today so that you will not miss out on all this cuteness!

This was Amelie, a funny little rabbit who doesn't go anywhere without her carrot!

This precious dolly was Mimi Cupcake and yes, she's a cupcake herself!

I could have called this the Craftybegonia Crochet-Along List but I want this List to be so much more than that! It is not just another email list, it will be, if I get my way, a wonderful way of sharing with others who love toy-making, what we love to do!

This is some of what I'm planning for this List:
  • Free email Crochet-Alongs of Funmigurumi that will NEVER appear on the Funmigurumi blog nor in this store (they will be exclusively designed for this List!)
  • Advance notice of what is coming next on the Funmigurumi blog.
  • You'll be the first to know when new patterns come into the store. This is especially useful for those of you who make items to sell from these patterns. That way you can prepare your selections so that you can crochet them and be ready for craft fairs, etc.
  • You'll be the first to hear about some sales I'm planing to hold.
  • You know I love to teach, and I'm always coming up with new ways to make toys. You will always be learning new ways to make Amigurumi that are fun, colorful, lovable and have earned the name Funmigurumi.
Funmigurumiland just got a whole lot funnier and more fun, why not join us? Let your hook and yarn romp on the funny side of cuteness!

If you know Craftybegonia at all, and love Funmigurumi, you can trust me on this, you won’t want to miss any of the stuff I have coming up! So, join the List today and stay in the loop of everything that will be happening! (And yes, this cute little fellow is one of the Crochet-Alongs that I am planning.)
Why would you miss out? What are you waiting for?
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►If you are going to receive the CAL in Gmail and you are using the new Tabs, please remember to look for the CAL in the Promotions Tab!

This precious little penguin was our second CAL:

This is what we made on our first CAL:

Don't miss out anymore, join us!

friends of craftybegonia

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Emily MacDucklas

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Emily is a lovable little lady who's eager to make friends, to love and to be loved! Do you know someone who would love to be friends with her? With her expressive eyes, her cute dress and bows, she's a dainty little lady that's also full of fun!
►Size- 20 1/2" T x 8" W
►Skill- Intermediate to Advanced
►Price- $4.00 USD
►PDF Pattern
►Please allow 24 hours for manual email delivery of your electronic goods.
►Furnish an email address that will not bounce back delivery of your pattern!

►Buy this precious and fun pattern by clicking the Button below. Thank you!

►This is a Review From a Satisfied Customer:
Here's what a I think about my recent purchase:

I recently ordered the pattern for Emily MacDuclas, and I am just delighted. The ordering process was quick and easy, and the price is very reasonable. Like all of my other Crafty Begonia patterns, this one has very clear, easy to follow instructions. And I giggled non-stop when I saw Emily's sassy little tail. Cant't wait to get started making her.

The whole world loves a teddy bear.  
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Sunny-Loo Flowerumi Bear

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crochet amigurumi bear pattern
There is nothing sweeter than a little bear! This one, like her sister Sunny, which I made in my batch of exclusive bears, is a lump of sugar and sunshine! Her cute hairdo composed of curly bangs and colorful blooms and her gentle eyes and funny nose make her a love-at-first-site flowerumi. Irresistible to any bear lover of any age!
Easy as can be pattern! Whether you are new to Amigurumi or an expert toy maker, this one will be a treat to make! I would like to make more complex patterns, but had to start with a simple one to include all possible levels of expertise.

I'm not selling the actual bear but a PDF pattern to make it.
  • Skill- Easy 
  • Size- 10" long x 8" wide  
  • Price- $3.00 USD
Pattern is in a PDF format, it will delivered to you via email.
Please enclose a deliverable address without filters that will bounce back delivery of your electronic goods. Please allow 24 hours for manual delivery of your pattern.  

This pattern will be available from Mon through Thurs. weekly. To purchase, please click on the link below. Thank you!

Thank you for your patronage! It allows me to offer you great freebies on my other blogs!

All patterns on this blog are Copyrighted.
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