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Giggles Flowerumi Bear

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giggles crochet flowerumi bear pattern

This is a beary sweet and fun little bear! It is again a pattern uniquely mine. I love old fashioned bears and this one was inspired by traditional bears but with the fun and imaginative creativity that has come to be known as the characteristic of Craftybegonia patterns. The pattern is not too difficult to make, but I suggested that only Intermediate and Advanced crocheters attempt to make it, to make sure you are not disappointed at your own personal results.

  • Skill- Intermediate to Advanced
  • Price- $3.00 USD
  • Size- Giggles is 12" x 10."

As with Polka Dots, I am offering limited license permission to use this pattern to make items for sale. The pattern is copyrighted and it belongs to me, it cannot be sold anywhere, but I am granting a limited license permission in writing to sell items made FROM the pattern in places like Etsy.
The pattern will be delivered as a PDF file through email. Please provide an email address without bouncing security filters and allow 24 hours for manual deliver of your electronic goods. NOTE that if you choose to pay for your pattern using a PayPal e-check, it takes 3 to 5 days for me to receive the actual payment due to PayPal's processing timing, and I cannot mail you the goods until the process has been completed. Thank you!
If you would like to purchase the pattern to make this truly unique and lovable little bear, please click on the link below:

Thank you for your support! That allows you to give you quality freebies through our other blogs!

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