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Funmigurumi Huggy Dumplings: Scrapper The Dog

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Scrapper is the first of my Huggy Dumplings.This funny little toy is gift-ware. If you would like to have the pattern FREE, here is what you do: Convince a friend to purchase one of my other toy patterns and to let me know that you have made the recommendation. Have the person send me your name and email address as the person that introduced her to Friends of Craftybegonia, and I will immediately send you Scrapper's pattern for FREE, the same day that I ship the purchased pattern to your friend!
  • Skill: Intermediate onward.
  • Size: 11” tall x 10” wide (at base)
  • Price (for those of you would like to buy it): $3.50 USD
scrapper the dog

For now, your friend has only to say your name and email and I will send you Scrapper. Later on, you will have to specify which Huggy Dumpling you want. This is my way of thanking you for supporting my efforts to bring you fun, cute and lovable toy patterns at affordable prices!

If you would like to buy the pattern instead, the pattern is $3.50 USD.
NOTE: If you choose to pay for your pattern with an e-check from PayPal, it will take 3 to 5 days to process the check and I cannot mail your goods until PayPal notifies me that the process has been completed. Thank you!
To purchase, please click on the button below:

Thank you for supporting Craftybegonia's efforts to bring you great crafts! This allows me to continue to offer you great FREE patterns on my other blogs!

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