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What was the worst job you ever had? Mine was working for a wig company, hooking synthetic hair onto wigs. It was bad only because I was so terribly clumsy at it! (I did not even finish my first wig before I simply quit!)
Now, I love to make toys and dolls and hooking yarn "hair" onto their heads is not such a terrible thing anymore. What a difference time and experience makes! Never give up trying to improve your skills,
even if at the beginning it seems hard for you, it will become easier and easier as you move forward! During 2014, we will have adventures in toy crocheting, join me in the journey, it will be fun!

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  1. Mine was when I was working as a cleaning lady and one of the places I cleaned was a restaurant.The only place there, I shouldn't clean was the kitchen and I tell you, it was just disgusting. Needless to say ,I never ate there after seeing that.
    Crocheting toys are so much fun.

    1. You are so right Ferretmania! Thank you for your comment.