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Honker Funmigurumi Donkey

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crochet amigurumi donkey toy pattern

It has been commented around that the Funmigurumi barnyard has given the Amigurumi world some very cute characters, well, they say that although Honker is camera shy, he was willing to pose for the girls. All the guys at the Funmigurumi stable have promised him that the girls will like him. Don't you agree with them?
With his exuberant mane, his soulful eyes and huge grin, he's sure to win the hearts of the girls!

precious crochet amigurumi donkey toy pattern

Size- 13" tall x 8" wide
Skill- Intermediate to Advanced.
PDF Pattern delivered by email.
Price- $3.50 USD
Please furnish an email address that will not bounce back delivery of your electronic goods!
Allow 24 hours for manual delivery of your PDF pattern.  NOTE: If you choose to pay for your pattern with an e-check from PayPal, it will take 3 to 5 days to process the check and I cannot mail your goods until PayPal notifies me that the process has been completed. Thank you!

bashful crocheted barnyard batchelor pattern

Don't just crochet a donkey, make a lovable wallflower that will steal somebody's heart!

If you would like to purchase this pattern, please click on the Paypal link. Thank you!

honker funmigurumi donkey

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