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Curly the Moochie Kanoochie Funmigurumi Bear

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curly the moochie kanoochie funmigurumi bear

The Funmigurumi woodland is abuzz again. Grandma bear just sighed, when the 35th neighbor "stopped by" to ask about Curly. "I hear she has eyes as big as headlights, and long eyelashes that can break a little bear's heart. . .and colors that would put any regular bear to shame. . ." Grandma couldn't answer anymore, she just burst out laughing, because it was true, and she wasn't going to tone it down anymore. Curly was just her own little "person" and the woodland would just have to cope with it!
So the parade by grandma's cave stopped the minute everyone got the whole story and got their curiosity satisfied. "How did she come up with such looks?" They asked grandma, "Well," she answered, looking at them as seriously as her held laughter would allow, "she got them from OUR side of the family! I was pretty good-looking too, in my time!"

huge eyes, bearly cuteness

Now is your chance to see and judge for yourself! Isn't she cute? Don't you love her?

totally cute crochet amigurumi bear pattern

  • Size- 17” L x 9” W.
  • Skill- Intermediate (she’s easy to make but a beginner needs to know how to work in rounds without getting lost to be able to make her.)
  • Price- $3.50 USD
  • PDF Pattern delivered by email. Please furnish an email address that will not block delivery of your electronic goods! Allow 24 hours for manual delivery of your pattern.  NOTE: If you choose to pay for your pattern with an e-check from PayPal, it will take 3 to 5 days to process the check and I cannot mail your goods until PayPal notifies me that the process has been completed. Thank you!

super cute crochet amigurumi bear pattern

crocheted girly funmigurumi toy

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