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Funmigurumi Huggy Dumplings: Bumper the Lion

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funmigurumi huggy dumpling bumper the lion

Bumper the Lion was born with his vision so out of focus that he would bump into everyone and everything, so Mama lioness and Papa lion called him Bumper. When he was a cub, he would bump into a tree while trying to climb onto his favorite napping rock and fall into the river all the time, neighbor hippo had to pull him, all soggy, out of the water every time. He has been known to strike up a conversation with a boulder, thinking it is Mr. elephant, to shout a happy good morning to a floating log, mistaking it for Mr. Alligator, he lost his way home so many times and for so long, that Mrs. Cheetah thought seriously of adopting him, he fell from trees so hard, and so loudly, that taking pity on him, Mrs. Giraffe took the habit of letting him slide down the back of her neck, he's Bumper the Lion. With his vision so out of focus, he goes through life merrily bumping around into anything and everyone in his path, but loving every one along the way. He's sweet, cute and clumsy, and so full of love to give!
Now that he’s all grown up, the whole jungle knows about his short sight and all the animals try to stay out of his way, so he has very few problems, except that every now and then, he bumps into a tree or two. . .Still, Mama worries that he will bump his way through life and never find the right girl to marry. . .

  • Size: 11” tall x 10” wide (at base)
  • Skill- Intermediate.
  • Price- $3.50 USD
  • PDF pattern delivered by email.
This imaginative toy can become a beloved friend for someone you love! It can be a unique gift, and "grow" to be a treasured pal to be passed on to the next generation in your family or the family of a friend.

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