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Not Granny As Usual---2: Round And Around Baby Cardi

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crochet baby retro cardigan

Not Granny As Usual—2 Round and Around Cardi
baby crochet nostalgic cardi pattern granny retro circular motif crochet cardigan for baby Only $2.50 BUY NOW! 

Your Tot will look just precious in this modern take on old granny square sweaters with just enough retro to keep it nostalgic and all the modern zip! If you have a little girl, you only need to change the color to different shades of pink or make it multicolored and as bright as crayons!

There are so many variations of this pattern that can be made that I would fill pages to explain them all, but as you make it, you will see how versatile it is and how many ways you can make it and it will become a favorite of yours.

If you love clever patterns and  nostalgic retro, you will love this pattern!

  • Skill- Intermediate
  • Size- 2T to 30 Months
  • Price- $2.50

PDF pattern will be delivered by email. Please furnish email address that will not bounce back delivery!
Please allow 24 hours for manual email delivery.

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