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Funmigurumi Monkeyroo Zipper!

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Zipper! The Bearded Funmigurumi Monkeyroo This is one special little fellow! He was inspired by the bearded monkeys of the Amazon jungle and is a really cute and funny little guy! I will not only teach you how to make the strinking opposite color markings, its cute 3-D muzzle and amazing moustache and beard, and you will be making one of the best looking monkeys on the Web!

Zipper's bright colors and unusual, fun appearance will delight children who easily prefer different toys.
zipper funmigurumi monkeyroo crochet pattern

You know Funmigurumi are the most amazing Amigurumi around. Support this site and insure more quality, clever FREEBIES for yourself on my other sites!

 The pattern is $3.00 and it will be delivered to you by email in a PDF format.
Please use an email address whose filters will not bounce back my delivery to you, and allow 24 hours for manual email delivery of your electronic goods.
 This pattern is available Mon. through Thursdays weekly!
Do you love Amigurumi? Want unique, clever, colorful and cute Amis? Want something different from what EVERYONE else is making? Funmigurumi are what you want!  

  • Skill- Intermediate
  • Price- $3.00 USD
  • Size- Approx. 10" tall x 8" wide

You can order this pattern by using the PayPal link below:

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  1. Thanks! He's a lot of fun, especially for those who love unusual Amis.