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Fudgie Flowerumi Bear

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fudgie flowerumi bear

Some of you have privately emailed me asking me to share with you the patterns of my Flowerumi. Since the bears were going to a good cause, for some time, I considered that I could not share the patterns. But now that the last of my bears are going to a favorite children's charity, I feel at liberty to share some patterns from time to time of new designs that I make, so that you too, can make cute Flowerumi Bears.

Fudgie is my first pattern for this purpose. She was designed in the warm and comforting tones of a classic teddy bear. Her chocolately colors and cute flowery "hairdo", which originated the name Flowerumi, give her a warm, cuddly, fun, and just lovable appearance.
She takes some of the cocoa coloring of traditional teddy bears, mixed with the charm of the Amigurumi and the fun and ingenuity of the funmigurumi that are my trademark, adding colorful blossoms to her mane and just wins you over!
Her patchwork style is charming and not common and trite. This pattern for a cute little Flowerumi bear can get you started in the technique of patchwork bear-making!

fudgie the flowerumi bear crochet pattern

The pattern is $3.00 and it will be delivered to you by email in a PDF format. 

Please use an email address whose filters will not bounce back my delivery to you. 
Allow 24 hours for manual email delivery of your electronic goods. 

crochet fudgie flowerumi bear
  • Skill- Easy
  • Size- 10" long x 8" wide 
  • Price- $3.00 USD
You can order this pattern by using the PayPal link below: fudgie the chocolate flowerumi bear

Thank you for your patronage and I really hope you enjoy making this cute little bear!

All patterns on this blog are Copyrighted.
fudgie the flowerumi bear pattern

This pattern will be available to you only from Monday through Thursday! Please come then and I will deliver it to you and you will get started with your little bear!

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